Coaching isn't my's my calling.

I started coaching after awakening to the realization that my own life, while functional, had been stagnant.   I was in a relationship that I wasn’t “showing up” for,  I was running a successful tv and commercial production company that I was too afraid to leave and do something I really loved.   The fact of the matter is that I was hiding out in my own life and “playing small”.  I wasn’t living the life I had always wanted.  I recognized I had been stuck in a rut for years and this terrified me.  I was awake in my nightmare and I knew if I didn’t take action I may never get out the rut.   I immersed myself in self-improvement.  Hired coaches, therapists, read books, listened to podcasts.  I got curious about myself.  “What do I want, what gets me fired up?“ I broke myself down to the basics of who I was and what I valued. I gave myself permission to listen and follow my desires wherever they led.  

I just did it.

This started to build my momentum.  I was feeling a passion start to return within me and I was getting excited about my life.

In my discovery, I learned that what I valued the most, was working directly with people looking to create positive change in their life.  I knew I needed to find a career that provided me with the opportunity to do that.  I had known about coaching from my experience as a client and how invaluable it was to me then.  I researched “coach training” and the top coaching school was having a training workshop the very next weekend.    I was curious, I signed up, I told myself I would go open minded.  I did not expect that this training workshop would be so transformative for me that I would be 100% driven, no questions asked, to continue on the training path to a new career as a coach.  I love coaching.  When I do it I feel strong, confident, alive.   I am grateful everyday that I can empower others that may be “awake in their nightmare” to take control and live their very own optimal life.  

I want to congratulate you on taking the first step in making significant changes in your life.  How soon do you want to start?