Stock Market Life

Stock Market life.


You know, life is very similar to the stock market…


There will be many ups and downs, but through continued perseverance and the right perspective you can come out on top.  Here’s a little bit more of what I mean.


Here is what the stock market looks like today, the day I’m writing this. 

In this narrow perspective there are lot’s of sharp ups and downs, losses and gains.

Now let’s look at the last 5 days….

wow…quite a big drop off.

Watch what happens when our perspective gets much wider.  Here is what the market looked like during the last 6 months…. 

Last year…. 


Last decade….. 


The last several decades….

With this wider perspective, the ups and downs of the market are much less dramatic and lo and behold, there is actually continued growth.

Much like the early days of the stock market…when people weren’t yet familiar with the possibilities of long term gains, and market downturns would happen…people would panic and sell sell sell…leading to frequent market crashes…


In the same way, If we have a narrow perspective of our lives and look at daily downturns with a panic reaction…we too will crash.


Looking at our lives with a wider perspective, by using smart investment strategies, we can have a life of continued growth and be well positioned to handle the inevitable life downturns.


What are some market investing strategies we can adapt and use in our lives?


#1Don’t go at it alone.

In the stock market, mutual funds are popular because these funds allow you to capture the returns of an entire segment of the market without having to buy and sell individual stocks and bonds.  With a fund the stronger performing individual stocks make up for the lower performing stocks.   In this same way, we can build our own life mutual fund in the form of our community.   It’s easy isolate ourselves when things are not going well for us.  But through reconnecting with our tribe, getting together with our community can energize and elevate us beyond what we can do as an individual.




#2 Do your research.

You wouldn’t blindly put your money into the market without some research on the best places to put it.  And there are countless resources for learning about investing in the stock market.   The same is true for your own self care.  Research areas to put your personal energy into as an investment into your continued growth as a person.  Hop online or head to the library and look for trusted resources that can support you through downturns as well as celebrate you when times are going great!



#3 Get an advisor. 

A good financial advisor will take a holistic view of your entire financial picture, investments, debt, taxes, cash flow, retirement planning and more to help you accomplish your financial goals.   And a good life coach will also take a holistic view of your entire life, nutrition, habits, goals, self-limitations and more as a way to fully understand you and inspire you to get where you want to go. 


#4 An annual review.

An annual review of your positions in the stock market will ensure that you are currently invested in a way that is aligned with your financial goals.  An annual personal performance review is an opportunity to reflect on the past years’ gains and losses and re-invest your life in a way that is aligned with your personal goals.











Andy Bates