#04 - Matt Ruscigno - Is a plant based diet the best way to eat?

In this episode I talk with Registered Dietitian, vegan and endurance athlete Matt Ruscigno about the health benefits of a plant based diet.  Matt gives me insight on how to live healthier by eating a plant based diet.  How it can reverse pre-diabetes and help men live a life of vitality.

Matt Ruscigno is a vegan of 20 years and a leading expert in nutrition. He has a Nutritional Science degree from Pennsylvania State University, a Public Health Nutrition masters degree from Loma Linda University, and certification as a Registered Dietitian- one of the only professional nutrition credentials.  He is a co-author of the No Meat Athlete book with Matt Frazier and Appetite for Reduction with Isa Moskowitz.

Matt is also a co-founder of Nutrinic.  A nutrition clinic that believes solving the problem of chronic disease requires addressing its root causes and empowering patients to become their own best advocates on the path to better health. Their programs are designed to halt—and even reverse—disease progression by combining evidence-backed nutrition with personal guidance, developing their patient’s inherent capacity for lifelong healthy decision-making.

In his spare time, Matt is an accomplished athlete who races marathons, iron-man triathlons, 200+ mile cycling events and 24-hour races.

Learn more at www.nutrinic.com

Andy Bates